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FACS V4.3 (Service Pack) Release Notes


These Release Notes are designed to provide information regarding the changes to the FACS software since the FACS 4.3 release in January 2021. Any improvements, enhancements, and revisions that have been made to the software are outlined below.

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Customer Programs (CUS)

  CUS100 V4.09 - Customer Master Maintenance   

	CUS100 v4.09 includes the changes to CUST_DEALER v1.01
	Please refer to CUST_DEALER release notes for more info. (01-Feb-2021)

  CUS100M V4.12 - Multi-Company Customer Maintenance   

	CUS100M v4.12 includes the changes to CUST_DEALER v1.01
	Please refer to CUST_DEALER release notes for more info. (01-Feb-2021)

Financial Accounting Programs (FAS)

  FAS100 V2.06 - Account Master Maintenance   

	FAS100 v2.06 will now show the Account Group description to the right
	of the Account Group Code. (21-Sep-2021)

Inventory and Sales Order Programs (IMS)

  IMS100 V4.34 - Parts Master Maintenance   

	IMS100 V4.34 was changed to not try and add the Warehouse Part record or
	Supplier Part record during field validation while adding a new part.
	These records will be added once the Part Master record has been added.

  IMS301 V4.71 - Sales Order Entry/Edit   

	IMS301 v4.71 was changed so when using the [Find] key to find a Part,
	you can now use option 3 to find by Full Desc. (14-Apr-2021)

  IMS530 V3.06 - Inventory Transaction Inquiry   

	IMS530 v3.06 fixed a discrepancy in how page width was computed differently
	for the R-eport option and the I-nquiry option. (14-Jun-2021)

Job Order Programs (JOS)

  JOS002 V2.05 - JOS Vehicle Setup    

	JOS002 v2.05 expanded the number of valid values supported
	from 500 to 1000. (01-Mar-2021)

  JOSTEQ V6.24 - Create Job Orders from TEQuote   

	JOSTEQ v6.24 expanded the number of JOS002 valid values supported
	from 500 to 1000. (01-Mar-2021)

Label Programs (LBL)

  (*** No Changes ***)

Labor Programs (LBR)

  LBR020 V1.00 - Print Clock Codes Barcode Sheet   

	LBR020 v1.00 is a new program that you can run to print a Clock Codes
	Barcode Sheet. (15-Mar-2021)

Parameter Programs (PAR)

  PAR010 V1.01 - Currency Maintenance   

	PAR010 V1.01 was fixed to require that the Default Currency Code have a
	Conversion Rate of 1.00 (25-Feb-2021)

Accounts Payable Programs (PBL)

  PBL000 V3.05 - Accounts Payable System Setup   

	PBL000 V3.05 will now show the Discount Account to the right of
	the Discount Expense Option question for option="0".

  PBL150 V3.06 - Accounts Payable Status Inquiry   

	PBL150 v3.06 fixed a problem where pressing the [Spacebar] key at the
	"Begin at Date" question to clear the Begin/End Date range was not working.

Payroll Programs (PRL)

  PRL255 V4.04 - YTD/QTD Payroll Summary Report   

	PRL255 v2.04 was changed so the Report Option will now show that QT1, QT2,
	QT3, and QT4 are valid options as well as YTD and QTD. (10-May-2021)

Purchase Order Programs (PUR)

  (*** No Changes ***)

Accounts Receivable Programs (RCV)

  RCV050 V3.04 - Statement Format Entry/Edit   

	RCV050 v3.04 added new print item #92 for a Custom Field.  This field
	will only be used by custom versions of this program. Also, validation
	has been added for all supported ";" options. (24-Aug-2021)

  RCV300 V4.04 - Receivables Transaction Entry   

	RCV300 v4.04 added support for tracking User Initials that added
	the RCV Transaction record. (14-Apr-2021)

  RCV355 V2.12 - Credit Manager Inquiry   

	RCV355 v2.12 had several minor printing/alignment changes made and to
	condense the address lines if Address 2 line was blank.	(24-Aug-2021)

  RCV390 V5.15 - RCV Transactions Generic Report   

	RCV390 v5.13 added Customer Master "Credit Rating" as a report item.

	RCV390 v5.14 fixed a problem from the v5.13 change where selectivity on
	Credit Rating was not working.	(05-Apr-2021)

	RCV390 v5.15 added User Initials as an available report item. (14-Apr-2021)

  RCV420 V4.17 - End of Month Statements   

	RCV420 v4.17 changed the form overflow handling to print a single line
	saying "*** CONTINUED NEXT PAGE ***" and skipping the page footer section.
	Also added support for new print item #92 for a Custom Field.

Supplier Programs (SUP)

  SUP100 V4.16 - Supplier Master Maintenance   

	SUP100 v4.16 was modified so if the user changes Credit Limit
	and "Date Limit Set" is blank then set that date to today. (20-Jan-2021)

  SUP100M V4.07 - Multi-Company Supplier Maintenance   

	SUP100M v4.07 was modified so if the user changes Credit Limit
	and "Date Limit Set" is blank then set that date to today. (20-Jan-2021)

  SUP950 V4.05 - Print 1099 Forms for Selected Suppliers   

	SUP950 v4.05 fixed several issues including adjust box placement of several
	fields when creating the SUP950.FRM and SUP950-NEC.FRM files.
	If the SUP000 client Zip Code is Zip+4 then the Zip Code will now be
	correctly formatted. (20-Jan-2021)

Remote Tracker Programs (TRK)

  (*** No Changes ***)

Remote Transactions Programs (TRN)

  (*** No Changes ***)

Depreciation Programs (DEP)

  (*** No Changes ***)

Help Libraries (HLB)

  Help Libraries - FACS Help Libraries   

	The latest versions of the FACS Help Libraries have been included
	in a single ZIP file.  You can download the HLB.ZIP file to your
	system and then unzip it and copy the HLB files to your SCS$SYS:
	directory.  (Last Updated 19-Jan-2021)

Other Programs

  (*** No Changes ***)

FACS Library Routines

Note: FACS Library Routines are common routines that are used by various FACS programs. Since these routines are program components and not actual programs, you can not download and run these routines directly. You should download and run the associated program(s) instead.
  CUST_DEALER V1.01 - Customer Dealer Info Entry
	(Used by CUS100 and CUS100M)

	CUST_DEALER v1.01 now includes the new "Dealer Code2" field to track
	a second dealership for a given Customer# and vehicle Make.  For example,
	for a Fleet dealership in addition to a Commercial dealership. (01-Feb-2021)

  IMSRCV V3.20 - Sales Order to RCV Merge
	(Used by IMS350,IMS380,JOS150,JOS190)

	IMSRCV v3.20 added support for tracking User Initials that added
	any RCV Transaction record. (14-Apr-2021)

  JOSISS V5.38 - Job Order Issuing
	(Used by JOS100,JOS120,JOS150)

	JOSISS v5.38 was changed so the B-ackorder option will no longer allow
	you to backorder a negative quantity. (13-Apr-2021)

  JOSVEH V3.53 - JOS Vehicle Maintenance
	(Used by JOS100,JOS150,JOS800)

	JOSVEH v3.53 expanded the number of JOS002 valid values supported
	from 500 to 1000. (01-Mar-2021)

(End of Release Notes)

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