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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 4.0.10

  • Part Template selection logic has been extended to the Suggested Items. When adding Parts with Templates to the Suggested Items of a Quote, the 'Choose template items' form will display prompting the user to select items from the Part Templates.
  • New MS Word bookmarks, 'YesNo1' and 'YesNo2', have been added to the collections. 'YesNo1' prints the bookmark's default text in the Quoted Items table on the Quote document. 'YesNo2' prints the bookmark's default text in the Suggested Items table on the Quote document.
  • New MS Word bookmarks for printing the Part Image Objects have been added. The new bookmarks 'PARTTEXT1_2', 'PARTTEXT2_2', 'PARTTEXT3_2', 'PARTTEXT4_2' and 'PARTTEXT5_2' will print the Objects in the Suggested Items table. Bookmarks 'PARTTEXT1_1', 'PARTTEXT2_1', 'PARTTEXT3_1', 'PARTTEXT4_1' and 'PARTTEXT5_1' replace the old bookmarks 'PARTTEXT1', 'PARTTEXT2', 'PARTTEXT3', 'PARTTEXT4' and 'PARTTEXT5'. These bookmarks will print the Objects in the Quoted Items table. The old bookmarks will still function as before.
  • A problem with the 'EnteredBy' field in the Quote Reports has been corrected. The message 'Microsoft JET Database Engine has generated an error. Parameter ARG0 has no default value.' would display when printing or previewing if the 'EnteredBy' field was selected in the Sort By or Select By lists.
  • A problem deleting Part Categories has been corrected. Deleting all the Part Sub-Categories of a Part Category followed by deleting the Part Category and exiting the Misc. Codes form did not delete the Part Category.
  • A problem with double clicking on the Misc. Codes icon on the Preferences form has been corrected. A double click on the Misc. Codes icon would display the Product Types Attribute form.
  • A problem selecting parts for a Model has been corrected. If an attribute was set up as 'Alpha' and then was changed to 'Numeric' with 0 tolerances, the attribute values were compared as text allowing mismatched parts to appear in the pick lists.
  • A problem copying Models has been corrected. If the current user has never saved the grid settings on the Model form, a runtime error '31101 The Key Value already exists' would display after copying a Model.
  • A problem changing the name of an existing Manufacturer has been corrected. After changing a Manufacturer on the Misc. Codes form of the Preferences, the Manufacturer field on the Model and Part Templates forms were not updated with the new name.
  • A fatal error editing Attribute Values on the Quote form has been corrected. Entering a blank for a Numeric Attribute that is not Validated caused a stack an 'Out of Stack Space' error. This would cause a 'Memory could not be read' error that would abort the TEQuote program.
  • A problem with users clicking multiple times on the Quotes icon on the Main form after clicking 'OK' to Create a new Quote but before the Quote form displays has been corrected. This action would display a variety of errors including 'Specified Index is Invalid', 'Topmost Modal Form Cannot Be Displayed', "Object variable or With block variable not set', 'Multiple-step operation generated errors'
  • Improved error trapping has been added when adding a new Quote, copying an existing Quote or importing Quote Data from The Fisher/Western products allowing retrys when data is temporarily locked. This eliminates the following error message: 'Could Not Update; Currently Locked. Unable to get next Quote ID. Please contact System Administrator.'
  • A problem exporting Quotes to FACS has been corrected. When exporting a Quote with fixed pricing and embedded labor costs, the selling price was recalculated based on total cost and margins instead of the fixed price field.

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