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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 4.0.4

  • A problem exporting Job Orders to FACS has been corrected. The message 'Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or are in conflict with one another.' would display when Custom Parts interfaced to specific FACS Part Numbers and Phases.
  • A problem with the Microsoft Word bookmark 'OrderPrefix' has been corrected. This bookmark was originally named 'QuotePrefix' in earlier versions of TEQuote. Both 'OrderPrefix' and 'QuotePrefix' are now supported as valid bookmarks.
  • A problem with invalid choices appearing as Template selections has been corrected. When a Part Template item with defined Attribute values was added to a Quote, subsequent Model Template choices included items that should have been eliminated by the Attribute value of the item.
  • A problem with the Labor Hours on the Quote form has been corrected. When copying a Quote and the 'Update the Standard Labor costs and hours on the copied Quote to the current values in the Parts and Labor tables.' option was selected, the Labor Hours displayed on the Quote Totals tab for the copied Quote was incorrect.
  • A problem with the Quote and Attribute reports has been corrected. A blank report would display after changing the 'Begin At' and 'End With' ranges of the Report Selections.
  • A problem adding new Models has been corrected. When adding new records to an empty Model table, clicking on the Save button did not add the new record to the Model table.

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