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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 4.0.5

  • The User is now prompted to enter a Quantity when adding a miscellaneous Part to a Quote.
  • New options have been added to the Import Parts from FACS form. The FACS Product Code, Primary Supplier, Supplier Part Number and Part Category# may now be mapped to TEQuote Part fields or may be skipped. Also, you can choose whether or not to append the FACS Part detail text to the TEQuote Full Description.
  • New options have been added to the Copy Part form. When the Copy Part button is clicked on the Parts form, you may now select to Copy the entire Part to a New Part Number, Copy the Part's Templates to an Existing Part or Copy the Part's Attributes to an Existing Part.
  • The Date on the Parts form is now set when adding a new Part or copying an existing Part.
  • Additional fields 'Product Type', 'Category', Sub-Category', 'Manufacturer', 'MfgPartNum', 'PartNum', 'Model', 'QuoteID' and 'Description' have been added to the Attribute Reports to allow printing and selecting Part, Model and Quote Attributes.
  • A problem importing Quotes from the Western/Fisher Quoting tools has been corrected. The Manufacturer and Manufacturer Part Number fields are now used to determine if the imported Part is on file or if it is an Unknown Part. This allows using a Part Prefix on the TEQuote Part Numbers imported from the Western/Fisher Quoting tools.
  • A problem moving a Suggested item to a Quoted item on the Quote form has been corrected. The Tax Code on the new Quoted item is now set to the Tax Code of the current Quote.
  • A problem changing the Sequence Number of a Suggested Item on the Quote form has been corrected. The message 'Key column information is insufficient or incorrect. Too many rows were affected by the update.' would display if there were duplicate Suggested Sequence Numbers/Part Numbers on different Quotes.
  • A performance issue with the Update Part Kit option has been resolved. Updating large Part Kit tables has been optimized to reduce the overall update time. Updating 15,000 kits with 125,000 component parts took over 45 minutes in v4.0.4. The same operation now takes less than 5 minutes. These tests were run on a Pentium(R)4 dual CPU 2.60GHz using a local hard drive.

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