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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 4.0.9

  • A new field, 'EnteredBy', has been added to the Quote Reports to allow printing, grouping, sorting and selecting report data by the TEQuote User who entered the Quote.
  • The Attribute grid on the Misc. Codes form of the Preferences is now sorted in alphabetical order by Attribute Name.
  • The generic import routines will now convert carriage return characters to carriage return-line feed characters for memo fields. This is useful when importing large descriptions from Excel spreadsheets to TEQuote memo fields.
  • A problem with editing data on the Quoted Items grid has been corrected. The error message 'Method ~ of Object ~ Failed' would display when the Sales Tax or Price Type drop down control was clicked after editing the Quantity or Price fields.
  • A refresh problem on the Quoted Item grid has been corrected. Saved changes on the Edit Part form did not display immediately on the grid.
  • A refresh problem on the Quote Attribute grid has been corrected. Deleted Attributes were not immediately removed from the grid.
  • Refresh problems on the Model Template and Model Attribute grids have been corrected. After copying a model to a new Model, Template and Attribute data did not immediately display on the grids.
  • An error with this message; 'Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted.' has been corrected when adding Models to a Quote if there are no Models on file and when copying a Model to a new Model that has special characters in its name.
  • A problem with Rolled Up Title amounts not printing on the Quote document has been corrected.
  • An Overflow error when displaying large images has been corrected.
  • A problem with selecting items from a Part Template has been corrected. The first item selected from a Pick Many sequence was always adding the first Item in the Sequence even if a different Item was selected.
  • A data error message has been eliminated when deleting a Part Category after deleting all the Part Sub-Categories in the Category.
  • A fatal error editing Part Categories has been corrected. When blanking out a Part Category followed by blanking out a Part Sub-Category, within the blanked out Part Category would shut down the TEQuote program.
  • When applying an Attribute Value to a Model that had the 'Not' qualifier checked, the Display did not correctly filter out Parts with the same Attribute Value.

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