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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 5.0.2

  • The ability to apply a Fixed Price to a Part Kit has been restored. This feature, previously available in version v4.0, had been eliminated from v5.0 due to the redesign of Part Kits. The Fixed Price fields P1-P5 can be edited on the Parts Master form for the Parent Part of a Kit. When a new Quote is created with rolled up Model Pricing and a Fixed Price Type, the Kit is priced using the Fixed Price. If the User has permission, the Fixed Price may be edited on the Quote form. Fixed Prices of Kits are allocated to the Components of the Kits using Total Cost as the basis.
  • In TEQuote Tools, database exports are not allowed on databases being replicated. If a copy of the database is needed, either remove replication before exporting or create a subscription on another server then disable the subscription. An export can then be made of that version.
  • Also, changes to the export scripting now allow formerly replicated databases to export successfully. Replication creates triggers that are not removed when replication is disabled. If exported, these triggers prevent a new database from working correctly.
  • New TEQBlankDB.cab and TEQuote_Publication.txt support files were added to reflect TEQuote table changes.
  • Fixed a problem in Tools with named instances of SQL Server. The addition of a '\' in the name of the instance caused problems with the .sdl files used to log into a database.
  • Finally, added to Tools more options for managing replication. You can now delete a subscription, delete a publication, restart the subscription merge agent and view the status of the replication agent in addition to creating a publication.

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