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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 5.0.4

  • A new feature to adjust the Quantities of Quoted Items has been added to the Quote form. To adjust a Model's Quantity, select 'Roll up all Parts' and then edit the Quantity on Sequence 0 of the Model. To adjust a Kit's Quantity, select 'Roll up Kits Only' and then edit the Quantity of the Kit Parent Part. To adjust a Template Part's quantity, select 'Detail all Parts' and then edit the Quantity of the Part with Templates. The Quantities of all the related Parts of the Model, Kit or Template are adjusted to reflect the new Quantity of the Model, Kit or Part. To help identify the Template Parts, they have been shaded green on the Quoted Item grid. (SIRS 996 & 998)
  • When copying the Templates or Attributes from one Part to another, any Template Items or Attribute Values that exist on the 'Copy To' Part but do not exist on the 'Copy From' Part are no longer deleted.
  • Problems associated with moving Items from Quoted to Suggested have been corrected. A run time error 'INSERT statement conflicted with COLUMN FOREIGN KEY constraint.' would display when moving a Part from the Quoted Items tab to the Suggested Items tab. Also, Kit Components were not moved when a Kit was moved from Suggested Items to Quoted Items.
  • When the 'Allow Active Parts Only' box is checked on the General Preferences form, only Active Parts will display as valid choices for Template Sequences.
  • A problem with rolling up Fixed Kit Prices has been corrected. When a Part Kit had additional Sequence choices, the rolled up Kit Price was incorrectly calculated after editing the Kit's fixed Price. Also the Quantities of the additional Sequences were incorrectly extended by the Quantity of the last Part on the Kit.
  • TEQuote Tools now allows the user to setup publications on servers that already have replication running. Before, Tools would not allow a new publication if it found an existing publication or distribution database. Now, Tools will allow the new publication, using the existing distribution database.
  • Fixed a problem in Tools with SQL Server Identity fields when creating subscriptions. Before, if users created quotes on both the publisher and subscriber databases at the same time, data would be lost because the system generated the same auto-numbers for the quote items. Now, each new subscriber gets their own distinct set of system generated numbers which prevents this problem in the future.
  • Fixed a problem with the Tools "Delete Image Links" function. The problem generated a SQL Server error saying "Data source name not found and no default driver specified." It now uses the proper database connection to delete unused image links.

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