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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 5.0.8

  • The TEQuote Tool program has been re-designed to include support for SQL Server 2005 and SQL Express. A new a option to 'Include By Group' when selecting Parts has been added to the 'Create Update Package' tool. The 'Publication Maintenance' tool has separate options for Configuring Publishing and Creating Publications and new options for Starting and Displaying the Snapshot Agent Status. The 'Subscription Maintenance' tool creates a 'Pull' subscription and has a new option to 'Run Merge Agent' that gives the Subscriber more control synchronizing with the Publisher. The 'Send Database Copy to SCI Support' has been improved to allow sending larger databases to SCI Support. (SIRS 1271 & 1509)
  • A new feature to Print Model and Part Template Sequence Descriptions on the Quote Document has been implemented. Checking the 'Title' check box on the Model or Part Template grids will create a Title record for the Sequence Description when the item is added to a Quote. Unchecking the 'Print Quote Titles' check box on the Create Quote Document Form will eliminate all Title records from the Quote Document. (SIR 1326)
  • A new Pricing option has been added to TEQuote. Labor and/or Freight can be marked up and added to a Fixed Price (P1-P5). If the Material Markup is not zero, the Fixed Price is Marked up. If the Labor and/or Freight Markup is not 0, the Labor and/or Freight is Marked up and added to the Fixed Price. If the Labor and/or Freight Markup is 0, Labor and/or Freight are not added to the Fixed Price. (SIR 1527)
  • When adding Parts to a Quote from a Pick List, after a Part is selected, the record selector for the grid is set to the next Part in the list. (SIR 1512)
  • The order that Parts display on Pick Lists and the Quote form has been changed. Parts are sorted by Model, Sequence Number and Category Order on Pick Lists. If a single Category contains multiple Parts, they are sub-sorted by Part Number. Parts are sorted on the Quote by Model, Sequence Number and the order the Parts are added to the Quote. If a Part has a template choice that has a Category containing multiple Parts, these Parts are sub-sorted by Part Number. If a Part is a Kit, the component Parts of the Kit are reverse sorted by the Standard Cost of the component Parts (GC). This places the component Part with the largest cost as the first Part in the Kit. (SIR 1459)
  • The Quote Finder will now lookup Quotes using a Date field. Enter a date in the mm/dd/yyyy format and the first matching date will be copied to the text portion of the finder control. (SIR 1659)
  • A problem importing Part data from FACS has been corrected. The field mappings for GC, P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5 were incorrect. (SIR 1503)
  • A problem with the field 'Ext Labor Hours' on the Quote Reports has been corrected. The field now displays and prints without a $ sign. (SIR 1538)
  • A problem with the total weight of a Quote has been corrected. When adding a Kit to a Quote, the weight of the Parent Part was incorrectly added to the weight of the Component Parts doubling the weight of the Kit. (SIR 1658)
  • A problem adding Part Templates to a New Quote has been corrected. The message 'Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal.' would display when selecting an 'Always Add' Part Template that contained a Kit.
  • An error opening or navigating on the Model form has been corrected. If the Sequence Number on a Model Template exceeded 32767 a 'Run-time error 6: Overflow' would occur.
  • A problem with the Sales Tax calculation on a Quote has been corrected. The Sales Tax total for the Quote was not updated after manually changing the price of an Item on the Quoted Items grid.
  • A problem printing the bookmark 'POREQUIRED' on the Quote document has been corrected. If the Customer on the Quote is flagged as PO Required, the bookmark now prints 'Yes'. (SIR 1601)
  • A problem copying a Quote has been corrected. The Job Order/Invoice of the New Quote was not reset. Instead, the Original Quotes's Job Order/Invoice was copied to the new Quote.
  • A new report item 'Job Order/Invoice' has been added to the Print, Sort, Select and Group by lists on the Quote Reports.
  • A problem Adding then Deleting Models has been corrected. After adding a New Model and then adding a New Sequence to the New Model Template, blanking out the Sequence Number and then clicking on the Delete button to Delete the Entire Model would generate an error 'Unable to close the recordset'. The New Model would be deleted but the error message prevented the screen from refreshing. The New Model was still displayed on the form. Clicking on the Delete button a second time to Delete the Entire Model would actually delete the next Model in the Table.
  • A display problem on the Part Categories form has been corrected. The hidden field 'rowguid' displayed on the data grid for Published and Subscribed databases.
  • Some additional restrictions have been placed on Replicated databases in the TEQuote Tool program. Published and Subscribed databases cannot be Deleted, Restored from a Backup file, or have Update Packages Installed on them.
  • A problem in the TEQuote Tool program with the Names of the Default Instances of SQL Server has been corrected. On some machines, Default Instances of SQL Servers included a trailing '\' in the Server Name.
  • A performance issue in the TEQuote Quote Reports has been corrected. Quote Detail records are now filtered by any Quote Master field included in the Select By section. (SIR 1518)
  • The Price Type Name applied to individual Quoted items has been included in the Quote Report module. You can now Print, Sort or Select By the new field 'Price Type Detail'. (SIR 1675)
  • A problem Selecting Model Choices has been corrected. A Model with multiple Always Add (*) Sequences did not display any other Pick One (?) or Pick Many (#) Sequences for the Model.
  • A problem with the total Weight of a Quote has been corrected. When a Kit was moved from Suggested to Quoted Items, the Kit's weight was doubled.
  • A problem printing the Quote Document has been corrected. Kit Parent and Reqular Parts added to a Quote Sequence that contained a Kit did not print on the Quote Document when Model Pricing was set to 'Roll Up All Parts'.
  • A problem changing the Vehicle on a Quote has been corrected. Changing the Vehicle on the Quote Attribute tab did not update the the associated Attributes of the new Vehicle.
  • A problem with Fixed Kit pricing has been corrected. When multiple Kits with similar Components were added to the same Model and Sequence on a Quote, the Fixed Prices of the Component Parts were incorrectly allocated. This changed the Fixed Price of the Kit when prices were Rolled up or down. Also, a rounding error would occur if the first Component of the Kit had a Quantity of 2 or more. (SIR 1692)
  • A problem adding Titles to a Quote has been corrected. If the 'Roll Up Title' box was checked when adding a new Title, prices would not Roll up to the new Title until the 'Roll Up Prices to Title' question was answered 'Yes'.

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