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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 5.1

  • The GL Cost [GC] of TEQuote parts has been added to the Exported Quotes file for importing into FACS. (SIR 1529)
  • The Exported Quotes file has been renamed to include the Branch. The file name for exported quotes is the SQL Server Name followed by an underscore character, the TEQuote database name followed by an underscore character, the Branch of the TEQuote User followed by an underscore character, and the Quote ID of the exported quote. All exported quotes will have a file extension of ".TEQ". For example, if your TEQuote database is named "TEQdata" and is located on SQL Server "TermServ1\TEQuote" and the current Branch is "Main" and the exported Quote ID is 123, then the Exported Quotes file would be called "TermServ1TEQuote_TEQdata_Main_123.TEQ".
  • A new calculated field 'Landed Cost' has been added to the Total tab on the Parts Master form. Landed Cost is the Total Cost of the Part less any portion of Total Cost that has been distributed to another Part number. (SIR 1697)
  • The fields 'PO Required', 'Tax Resale Number', 'Ship Via' and 'Terms' have been included in the export file (Customers.txt) from FACS for import to the Customer table in TEQuote. (SIR 1706)
  • A problem in the Quote Reports has been corrected. When selecting by Revision and no Beginning or Ending Revision was entered the error 'The conversion of the varchar value overflowed an INT1 column.' would display. The default range is now set to the correct limits. (SIR 1703)
  • A problem editing the Branch Default Labor Rate on the Misc. Codes form has been corrected. A type mismatch error would occur if the rate was entered with a dollar sign.
  • The status bar on the Main TEQuote form now displays the Form Name, SQL Server Name, Database Name, User Name and the Branch. Click on Help, About TEQuote to display information about the current version.
  • A problem exporting quotes has been corrected. When '1st Phase' is set to 0 on the Custom Fields form, Unknown Parts exported to the last Sequence Number exported. (SIR 1713)
  • A problem with the MS bookmarks Material1, ExtMaterial1, Labor1, ExtLabor1, Freight1 and ExtFreight1 has been corrected. When editing a manual or fixed price on the Quoted Items grid, the bookmarks were not recalculated. This also caused problems with the Discount, Taxable Total and Sales Tax for the Quote.
  • A problem with setting up new Users has been corrected. When applying the New User's Options, the User name displayed in the User Name drop down list was updated instead of the new User. (SIR 1715)
  • A problem was corrected that occured when using a comma in a Report Name.
  • When exporting a quote from eQuote/QuickQuote, the QuoteID will be put into the Comments field so that users can more quickly find that quote in TEQuote.
  • A Phase Title record is now added when exporting a new Part to FACS.

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