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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 5.1.2

  • Kit Component parts may now be deleted from a Quote even if its Model or Part Template Sequence is Required. The TEQuote User must have Quote 'Delete Line' permission to delete a Kit Component part. If the Kit is 'Locked', the TEQuote User must also have permission to 'Modify a Locked Kit'. (SIR 1806)
  • A problem with the Not setting of Model Attributes has been corrected. Models with multiple negative Attributes were incorrectly eliminated from the valid list of available Models when the Quoted Attribute did not equal one of the Model's Attributes. Models with a single negative Attribute were incorrectly included in the valid list of available Models when the Quoted Attribute did not equal the Model's Attribute. (SIR 1789)
  • A problem deleting the default Price Types has been corrected. It was possible to delete the default price types 'Manual' and 'Cost' when there were no Customers or Quotes on file that used the default Price Types. The default Price Types can no longer be deleted. (SIR 1808)
  • A problem with the Landed Cost of Parts exported to FACS has been corrected. The Landed Cost of Parts with embedded Labor, Custom and Freight components were overstated when the costs were exported in the same Phase as the Part. (SIR 1796)
  • A problem entering new Models has been corrected. When entering a new Model, if you entered the Model name then immediately clicked on the Part field and then clicked on 'Save', an SQL referential integrity error was generated. You can no longer Save a new Model without selecting a Product Type. (SIR 1744)
  • A problem renumbering Model Template Sequences has been corrected. If you renumbered a Sequence, the Categories beneath the Sequence were not updated until the 'Save' button was clicked. The Model Template grid is now resorted after renumbering a Sequence. (SIR 1745)
  • A problem adding new Branches has been corrected. The new Branch was not added to the Labor Types when the Misc. Codes form was closed before entering a Default Labor Rate for the new Branch. (SIR 1790)
  • A problem displaying the selected Subscription database name in TEQuote Tools has been corrected. When adding a new Subscription, the first database in the drop down list displayed as the selected Subscription database, even if it was not selected. (Sir 1809)
  • A problem was corrected that occured when Exporting a file to FACS in which Part Labor Hours was zero and it was divided into another value.
  • A problem was corrected that occured when using the 'Price #3' field in a Parts Report.
  • A problem was corrected that occured when using a comma in a Report Name.
  • When exporting a quote from eQuote/QuickQuote, the QuoteID will be put into the Comments field so that users can more quickly find that quote in TEQuote.
  • A Phase Title record is now added when exporting a new Part to FACS.

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