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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 5.1.3

  • Quote Documents can now be output to a non-changeable Adobe Acrobat Document file (PDF). Documents may be automatically viewed and saved as either Word Documents or PDF documents. (SIR 1921)
  • TEQuote is now fully integrated with the TEQSoft Report Router program. Quote Documents may be automatically faxed, emailed or archived by the Report Router program. (SIR 1924)
  • The functionality to import Customers, Contacts and Parts from text files has been restored to TEQuote. A new wizard has been implemented to import data from a variety of text formats. Options to auto-map fields, create miscellaneous codes, perform destructive verses non-destructive updates, perform Manufacturer cost and price updates, and importing Customers with Contacts have been included. (SIR 1925)
  • Defaults for the Quote Document Print Options may now be pre-set. Default options to 'Print Quote Notes', 'Print Quote Titles', 'Print Rolled Up Text' can be pre-set and changed when printing a Quote Document. (SIR 1506)
  • A new Microsoft Word bookmark has been added to the bookmarks collection to facilitate printing Vehicle Model Descriptions. A new default Attribute 'VEHDESCRIPTION' has been added to the Attribute table. The bookmark 'aVEHDESCRIPTION' will print the Model description of the quoted Vehicle on the Quote Document. (SIR 1707)
  • New options to delete existing data when copying a Part have been added. When copying a Part's Templates or Attributes to an existing Part, the Templates or Attributes of the 'Copy to' Part may be deleted before replacing them with the Templates or Attributes of the 'Copy from' Part. (SIR 1870)
  • A problem with filtering Parts based on the Quoted attributes has been corrected. When an Attribute's type was changed from 'Alpha' to 'Numeric', existing attribute values were not formatted or compared correctly. (SIR 1923)
  • A problem re-calculating Part's totals has been corrected. When a Custom Formula was based on a calculation using Labor Hours, incorrect Part Totals displayed when navigating from one Part to the next. (SIR 1922)
  • A problem was corrected that occured when Exporting a file to FACS in which Part Labor Hours was zero and it was divided into another value.
  • A problem was corrected that occured when using the 'Price #3' field in a Parts Report.
  • A problem was corrected that occured when using a comma in a Report Name.
  • When exporting a quote from eQuote/QuickQuote, the QuoteID will be put into the Comments field so that users can more quickly find that quote in TEQuote.
  • A Phase Title record is now added when exporting a new Part to FACS.

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