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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 5.1.5

  • A new feature has been added to TEQuote to allow establishing a Fixed Price for a Model. Only Models that do not have 'Pick Many' Template choices may use the Fixed Model pricing option. All Template choices must be 'Required' and all Template choices must be selected when quoting the Fixed Price Model. The Prices of the detail items are calculated by allocating the Fixed Price based on the Total Cost of the Model. Optionally, Labor may be priced based on the actual cost of the Labor or a fixed amount or rate. A security setting to 'Modify Fixed Model Prices' has been added to the Group Permissions. When selected, the user can change the Model's price on the Quoted Items grid and the prices of the detail items will be re-allocated. (SIR 988)
  • Titles and Totals may now be added to the Suggested Items on a Quote. Prices may be rolled up to the Title records or detailed by the Suggested Items. Titles and Totals will also print on the Quote document for Suggested Items.
  • A performance issue Quoting Models with parts that have many attributes has been corrected. A more efficient method to determine which parts should be eliminated from the pick list due to the attributes of the last part selected has been utilized. This reduces the overall time required to display the form for the next choice.
  • A problem exporting and importing databases has been corrected in the TEQuote Tool program. Format files have been included in the cab files to define the file layouts of the exported data. When importing, the format files are used to determine if the table structure has changed and move or add the missing fields to the new tables.
  • A problem deleting Subscriptions has been corrected in the TEQuote Tool program. When a database was published on a SQL 2000 server and a Subscription was created and then deleted, the Subscriber Server was not deleted with the Subscription on the Publisher.
  • A minor problem with using alpa-numeric Customer numbers has been corrected. When a Customer with an alpha-numeric Customer number was added to a Quote. An 'Unable to open recordset, invalid column name' error was generated when attempting to edit the Customer information.
  • The ability to set the Title sequence number to zero was added. This will allow Parts and Unknown Parts to be added to that Model and will let the price be rolled up.
  • Selectivity options were added for the Install Updating Package in TEQuote Tools. Users are now given the option of either installing all data or specifying only specific Parts data such as G/L Cost, Freight, Labor, Comments, etc...
  • A problem was corrected that occured when Exporting a file to FACS in which Part Labor Hours was zero and it was divided into another value.
  • A problem was corrected that occured when using the 'Price #3' field in a Parts Report.
  • A problem was corrected that occured when using a comma in a Report Name.
  • When exporting a quote from eQuote/QuickQuote, the QuoteID will be put into the Comments field so that users can more quickly find that quote in TEQuote.
  • A Phase Title record is now added when exporting a new Part to FACS.

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