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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 5.10

  • A new report source has been added to the Reports module called "QuoteAttribute". This new source allows you to pull data from the Quote Master and Quote Attribute records. (SIR 2813)
  • Reports can now be created in Excel. All the same options for creating a PDF are available in the new Excel format. (SIR 2807)
  • The Comments field will now be included when importing a Quote/Bid Request. Additionally, more fields have been added to the output of Excel/CSV Quote Docs and the Description field will be wrapped if it exceeds 50 characters. (SIR 2904,3130)
  • Managers/Administrators now have the ability to mark a Sales Rep as Inactive. An Inactive Sales Rep cannot be selected for a Quote or as the Default Sales Rep for a TEQuote User. (SIR 2907)
  • Users now have the ability to change the Branch of a Quote (under the Status screen). (SIR 2927)
  • Managers/Administrators can now restrict Users from editing Labor on a Quote. This is new a permission setting in Groups called Edit Labor (under Quotes). Turning this setting on will still allow Users to add Labor when creating Unknown Parts. (SIR 3131)
  • Part/Model Templates now have a field that will allow you to choose if Title should be "rolled-up" when they are added to a Quote. (SIR 3035, 3079)
  • Users now have a choice to create an Unknown Part by copying an existing Part. (SIR 3090)
  • An issue was discovered in which Copying a Quote or creating a Revision of a Quote would not maintain the Currency Conversion information. This issue has been corrected. (SIR 3142)
  • Part Templates and Model Templates can now be set up to create a "Kit" sequence that allows for Pick One or Pick Many selectivity.
  • Custom Fields can be printed in Word and PDF Quote Documents. The bookmarks for these fields are: Quoted Items - C{field number}, Suggested Items - C{field number}_2

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