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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 5.2

  • The Reports module has been completely upgraged. The process of creating, editing, and printing Reports has been revised.
    • The revision of the Reports module has dramatically increased the speed of generating a Report. Reports that are run on large databases have shown a drop in total time from a few hours to several minutes.

    • The Quote tab in Reports was re-structured into two tabs: Quote Master and Quote Detail. A Quote Detail Report is the same as a Quote Report from version 5.1 or less. A Quote Master only shows fields that do not involve any of the Quote Items, fields such as Quote ID, Customer, Price Type, Sales Rep, Status, etc... Quote Master Reports run significantly faster than Quote Detail Reports.

    • Reports are now seperated into 3 types: User, Standard, and System. User Reports are any Reports that are created by users. Standard are Reports are to be used as a guideline to make other similar Reports. System Reports are special reports that cannot be normally created by users. An example of a System Report is the 'Where_Used_All' Parts report, which shows which Models, Model Templates, and Part Templates a Part is being used in.

    • Reports are now Created and Edited using the Report Wizard.

    • You now have the option of choosing to display only some of the Group By fields instead of always having to show all of them.

    • Function Sub-Totals can applied to any Grouping level. For example, you may have a report that is Grouped By Category, Sub-Category, and PartNum. You can choose to show a Sub-Total at the end of each Category Group only. You are also given the option to show a Grand Total for the entire Report.

    • Reports can be generated in PDF or CSV formats. Each report retains any Settings used on a CSV file, and any Page Layout options selected for a PDF document.

    • PDF documents will be generated with bookmarks for any Reports that have Groupings. These bookmarks give users the ability to quickly navigate through the PDF document.

    • The layout of PDF documents can be customized to any size or dimension. Users can size the width of each column in the Report. (SIR 1735) They can also size the dimensions of the document or Auto-Size it so that document will be large enough to accomodate for the widths of all columns.

    • The various headers in a PDF document can also be customized to refine the structure of a report. There are several options that allow the user to indicate how often a Page, Group, or Detail Header should appear and what it should look like. These options allow a user to create a report that is aesthetically pleasing, or one that is "short and sweet."

    • Reports have the option to 'Supress Lines Which Only Contain Zero Values' which will not print any records that have a zero value in each column that is considered to be a number field. (SIR 1687)

    • Buttons have been added that allow a user to move 'Selected' fields when Editing a Report. This allows a user to move the fields into the correct order that they want them to appear on the Report. (SIR 2225)
  • A problem was corrected that involved using Custom Part fields in Reports. Prior to version 5.2, adding or deleting a Custom Part could cause the fields used in a Parts Report to change.
  • A new field 'Order Type' was added to Quotes under the Quote Status screen. This field is a User defined field and can be maintainded in the Misc Codes section of Preferences. Order Type contains initial values of 'CASH' and 'CREDIT' (SIR 1723).
  • The field 'Terms' was added to the Customer screen in Quotes. This allows users to choose a Terms for a quote that is managed seperately from the Terms that is selected for that Customer. (SIR 1722)
  • A problem was corrected involving the grid that displays a Labor record when you Edit a Part in a Quote. Deleting a Labor record would cause the grid to disappear. There was also an issue with the grid not displaying properly when you resized the form.
  • The 'Export Quote to Pending Quote CSV File (FACS)' function was revised so that fields User 1 through User 4 (user defined fields from Quote Totals) were appended to the header of the exported CSV file. This process only involves users who have selected their Back Office Accounting System as MAS 90/200™ under Preferences.
  • The Sample database is no longer included when TEQuote is installed. The Sample database can still be imported from a CAB file located in the TEQuote main directory.
  • The ability to set the Title sequence number to zero was added. This will allow Parts and Unknown Parts to be added to that Model and will let the price be rolled up.
  • Selectivity options were added for the Install Updating Package in TEQuote Tools. Users are now given the option of either installing all data or specifying only specific Parts data such as G/L Cost, Freight, Labor, Comments, etc...
  • A problem was corrected that occured when Exporting a file to FACS in which Part Labor Hours was zero and it was divided into another value.
  • A problem was corrected that occured when using the 'Price #3' field in a Parts Report.
  • A problem was corrected that occured when using a comma in a Report Name.
  • When exporting a quote from eQuote/QuickQuote, the QuoteID will be put into the Comments field so that users can more quickly find that quote in TEQuote.
  • A Phase Title record is now added when exporting a new Part to FACS.

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