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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 5.2.1

  • A problem was corrected that occured when a user tried to change the name of the User Fields (User1, User2, ..., User5) in the Quote module. (SIR 2267)
  • Security was added to the Page Layot screen in the Reports module. (SIR 2272)
  • The 'Export Quote to Pending Quote CSV File (FACS)' function was revised so that the Quote Revision number is appended to the header of the exported CSV file. This process only involves users who have selected their Back Office Accounting System as MAS 90/200™ under Preferences.
  • The default folder in which a Report is saved has been changed from \[TEQuote directory]\Reports to \[user login]\[My Documents]. This was done for users who have Terminal Server licenses and experienced issues with report files locking up.
  • TEQuote has been updated to more accurately handle quotes imported from external programs such as eMatch, eQuote, QuickMatch, and QuickQuote. Users will now only see quotes that were exported for the database that they are currently working in. Before users would see all quotes for every database.
  • The previous update to TEQuote caused issues for machines using Microsoft Office 2000. When users attempted to generate a document in Microsoft Word, the document would not be generated and TEQuote would produce an error or close unexpectedly. This problem has been corrected.

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