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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 5.4

  • An option of pricing Parts purchased in Foreign Currencies has now been added to TEQuote. The G/L cost of Parts purchased in Foreign Currencies is converted to the Base Currency when Quoting. Current Foreign Exchange rates are maintained in TEQuote and may be updated from the Central Bank of Europe via a web service. (SIR 1167)
  • A new attribute called 'VehicleModelCode' has been incorporated into TEQuote. The 'VehicleModelCode' attribute uniquely identifies a vehicle by Make, Model, Cab to Axle and Drive Type. If available, 'VehicleModelCodes' were obtained directly from the Manufacturers. If the 'VehicleModelCode' for a vehicle was not available, the 'VehicleModelCode' was set to the Model of the vehicle. If duplicate vehicles shared the same 'VehicleModelCode' an '_CA_DT' (where CA=Cab To Axle and DT=Drive Type) was appended to the code to ensure a unique value. (SIR 2367)
  • A Find feature has been added to the Quote Detail section. Users can now search Item and Description fields in both Quoted and Suggested Items. (SIR 2009).
  • There is now an option in Preferences that allow Users to sort Items in the Parts Template module in different ways (for better readability). Template Items may be sorted by 'Part Number', 'Manufacturer', 'Category' or 'Default'. 'Default' sorts the items in the order in which they were added. (SIR 1805)
  • Users now have the option of making Customers Inactive. An options in Preferences can restrict Users from referencing an Inactive Customer in a Quote. Two fields have also been added to track when a Customer was added to TEQuote and the last time that the record was modified. The same functionality that was added for Customers was also added for Contacts. (SIR 1620)
  • Users now have the option of making Price Types Inactive. Similar to Customer (& Contacts), Users can restrict Users from referencing Inactive Price Types. (SIR 2107)
  • Users are now given options to 'Print Titles' and 'Print Titles Only' for both Quoted Items and Suggested Items when creating a Quote documenst. (SIR 2352)
  • New Word template bookmarks ('Other1', 'ExtOther1', 'TotalOther') have been added. 'Other1' will print the Other Price of an Quoted Item. Other Price is defined as Price - Material Price - Labor Price - Freight Price. 'ExtOther1' prints 'Other1' time 'Qty1'. 'TotalOther' prints the total of 'ExtOther1'. (SIR 2360)
  • TEQuote Tools now has the option of doing a "Find & Replace" on text fields. Also, Users can now select on NULL and "empty strings", as well as assigning NULL and "empty string" to fields. Also, the Tools program will delete any Attribute records that are referenced by a Parts Master record when a User tries to delete a Parts Master record. (SIR 1672)
  • Users are now asked to select the "Working Folder" in TEQuote Tools which determines where the program will create and use temporary files.
  • An issue was found to occur when adding Kits to a Quote. In some cases the Sales Tax and Taxable Amount would not total correctly. This issue has been resolved. (SIR 2368)
  • Names given to reports were previously allowed to use any characters which caused problems in some cases. Report Names now have the same restrictions as Windows file names. (SIR 2362)
  • An problem was corrected where the Quote Good Until date was not updating to the correct value when a new Revision was created for a Quote. (SIR 2218)
  • A problem was corrected in the Quotes module where the Terms field would not default to a Customer's default value when you select a different Customer on the Quote (SIR 2356)

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