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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 5.5

  • An issue was resolved where the prices on bookmarks Other1, ExtOther1, and TotalOther could be understated when the amount calculated as material was overstated. (SIR 2418)
  • TEQuote now has the ability to incorporate Custom programming requests through the inclusion of seperate DLL files. This Custom programming could be done in any aspect of the program and would only be available to your company. (SIR 2419)
  • The Reports module was re-designed and enhanced to allow users to create multiple 'System' reports. To accomplish this, all reports are now based on a data source. A data source uniquely describes where the data from that report is coming from. For example, a "CustMasterList" sourced report will pull data from the Customers table while a "Customers" sourced report will pull from the combination of the Customers and Contacts tables. The Reports module will now contain various "Protected" reports (which can be copied) which will serve as an example of how to make more common reports.
  • The ability to create Custom reports for the Reports module is now possible. These custom reports can be designed to fit almost any need and would only be seen by your company. (SIR 2420).

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