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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 5.6

  • Three User-Defined fields were added to the Quotes module (bringing the total now to 7). These fields can be maintained under the Quote Notes section. (SIR 2351, 2424)
  • Added the ability to assign a code to Quotes marked as "Closed-Rejected." These codes can be maintained under the Preferences module. (SIR 2423)
  • Added the ability to only show the current revisions of a Quote when creating Quote Master/Detail reports. You can do this by adding the field [CurrRevision] to your Search Criteria when you Generate a Report and entering the value "yes." (SIR 2425)
  • Previously, a Part could be added to a Model. When that Model was added to a Quote. The Part would be added to the Title record. Because of this, the Price Type of the Part could not be changed unless you Rolled Up the Model and changed the Price Type of the entire Model. The Quotes module has now been modified so that you can only change the Price Type of that Part. (SIR 2144).
  • The options for printing Quote Documents can now be maintained by each User; they are no longer maintained at the database level. These options are now maintained under Preferences-Security-Users tab-User Options. (SIR 2357).
  • You can now specify the default Type of any newly created report (CSV or PDF). (SIR 2265).
  • A new report type was added to the Quote Detail category that allows you to generate reports on the Suggested Items within a Quote. (SIR 2274).
  • A Branch can now be selected on a Quote. A User's default Branch will automatically be selected when a User created a new Quote. New Quote revisions will use the Branch of the Quote you are revising. (SIR 1158).
  • Users now have the option of printing only the Titles of Models on their Quote Document. They can also specify whether or not to print the detail text under the Parts Model. (SIR 2306)
  • An option has been added to allow you to lock Users from changing how a Job Order number is created when exporting a Quote to FACS. (SIR 1705)
  • Discount on a Quote can now be maintained as a fixed amount. Previously, discounts were entered in as a percentage with the actual amount being a reflection of that percentage (SIR 1761, 2387)
  • TEQuote will now export a Quote to FACS that has a Fixed Discount as a separate line item rather than allocating it through all of the items in the Quote. (SIR 1874)
  • Users can now specify if they want the "Apply Quote Attributes" checkbox to be on or off when they open the Parts Finder screen. (SIR 2115)
  • Two new Header Text Types, Internal and Additional, have been added to exporting FACS Job Orders. (SIR 2176)
  • An "Update" button has been added to the Currency tab of the Quotes module. This allows Users to update all the Parts in their Quote with Currency rate changes they have made. Previously, changing a currency rate would only change the price on Parts that were modified or added. (SIR 2409)

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