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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 5.6.1

  • The TEQuote quoting engine has been tuned to improve performance on SQL Server 2005 platforms. The times to prepare Models, select Template parts and re-select Options has been reduced. What was taking minutes to complete now only takes seconds.
  • Users may now run multiple copies of the TEQuote program. Single user licenses are allowed to run up to two concurrent sessions. Terminal server users may run up to as many sessions as the server licensing will allow.
  • TEQuote and TEQuote Tools will now run on Windows 7 and 64 bit Operating Systems.
  • A problem importing Quotes into FACS has been corrected. The maximum length of the Exported Quote filename is now 39 characters including the file extension. This is the limit of some versions of Pathworks and Samba.
  • A problem allocating material and labor prices on manually priced parts has been corrected. The material and labor are now allocated using the default price type of the Quote.
  • A overflow error has been corrected when allocating material and labor prices on manually priced parts that have a zero GL cost.

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