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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 5.7

  • The TEQuote Vehicle database has been modified to facilitate updates to the Model Codes for Vehicles manufactured after 2006. Starting with the 2010 Vehicle update, the Vehicle Descriptions will be replaced with more generic titles and the Engine Types, the Drive Types and the GVWRs of the Vehicles will be stored in separate data fields. The Vehicle attribute value will be replaced with the Make/Model/Model Code/Year/Vehicle Description. For example:
  • TEQuote has been updated to generate the correct XML files for the latest version of ReportRouter 5. Tags for RR_COMPANY, SOURCE and TITLE and Keywords for Customer, Quote Date, Comments, User Defined fields and Attributes have been included.
  • When exporting a Quote to FACS, TEQuote will now create a negative Bid Labor record when 'Use Production Labor Hours' is enabled and both Bid and Production hours are configured for a Labor type.
  • Support for file types .docx (Microsoft Word 2007) and .xlsx (Microsoft Excel 2007) have been added when attaching documents to Quotes, Parts and Products.
  • An problem exiting TEQuote on a Windows 7 operating system with UAC (User Account Controls) enabled has been corrected. Registry keys for individual users were prevented from being created. Attempting to update these keys when exiting TEQuote generated confusing error messages.
  • A problem with the Quote Detail reports has been corrected. Incorrect lables and values would display and print for the user defined fields.
  • A problem changing the Title of the user defined fields has been corrected. An invalid table/connection error would display after editing the Title of a user defined field.
  • A problem with allocating prices from a Title has been corrected. When a Model had multiple Titles, the price of a rolled up Title would change back to its original value after attempting to manually edit the price.
  • A problem with the exported Quote filename has been corrected. The filename would contain the name of the current Branch instead of the name of the quoted Branch.
  • A problem adding Parts to a Quote has been corrected. Adding a Part after adding a rolled up Title would flag the Part as a component. The new Part would be incorrectly colored yellow.
  • A problem adding Views to the Quote Archive has been corrected. A syntax error would display when attempting to add a View to the Quote Archive.
  • A problem rolling up prices to a Fixed Price Model has been corrected. When updating the Prices of a Fixed Price Model, inconsistent prices were allocated when the Model Pricing was set to 'Detail All Parts'.
  • An additional problem with pricing Fixed Price Models has been corrected. When adding a Fixed Price Model with only 'always add' parts, the sale price did not display when the Model pricing was set to 'Rollup All Parts'.
  • Models can now be added to Suggested Items. (SIR 2613)
  • Parts now have an additional Quote Notes field. User now have the ability to select which text to export to FACS using Quote Notes (Full Description, Short Description, Quote Description). (SIR 2625)
  • Quotes now maintain Shipping and Billing Customer info. (SIR 2246)
  • TEQuote can now import a Quote from a CSV file (using a specific format). This option is found under File -> Import/Export -> Import Quotes -> Text File. (SIR 2757)
  • Users now have the ability to Print Quotes to CSV and XLS format. This works similar to printing PDF and Word documents. (SIR 2757)
  • User can now install Update Packages with the option of adding only new data, updating only existing data, or both. (SIR 2653,2691)
  • You now have the ability to add Unkonwn Parts to the Parts section of Quoted Items.

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