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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 5.8

  • TEQuote has been enhanced to support Labor Routing. (SIR 2758)
    • Users have the ability to set up Labor Routing instructions (Work Code Prefix, Work Type, Work Center) on a Model or Part (under the Labor Routing tab when Route Labor is checked). These instructions will be applied to any parts added to a Quote from those Model Templates or Part Templates.
    • You can maintain these Work Code Prefixes, Work Type prices, and Work Centers under Preferences -> Misc. Codes.
    • A database can now be set up to Export Labor Separately from a Quote into FACS.
    • Administrators can set whether or not a group is allowed to modify Labor Routing instructions for labor records on a Quote.
  • The Quote module now has a Labor tab which summarize all labor within a Quote.
  • Branches now maintain extended information (Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Fax, Website) under Preferences-Misc Codes -> Branches. Bookmarks have been added for this info when making a Quote Document (BranchName, BranchAddress, BranchCity, BranchState, BranchZipCode, BranchPhone, BranchFax, BranchWebsite). (SIR 2616)
  • The ability to Add/Modify/Delete a Contact now has permission settings. (SIR 2617)
  • You can now make multiple copies of a Quote. (SIR 2711)
  • Customer Contacts now maintain Address information (Address, City, State, Zip). Bookmarks have been added for this info when making a Quote Document (ContactAddress, ContactCity, ContactState, ContactZipCode). (SIR 2612)
  • Customer records can now store Dealer Codes. Each Customer can have one Dealer Code per Make. Quotes will reflect this Dealer Code based on the Customer selected and Make/VehicleModelCode attribute chosen. (SIR 2619)
  • Administrators can now allow/restrict access to each tab in Misc. Codes. (SIR 2620)
  • Two more fields have been added to Model Reports: FixedModelPricing (which indicates if the Model uses Fixed Pricing), FixedPrice (price of the Fixed Model). (SIR 2586)
  • Two fields have been added to the Quote Finder: QuoteTotal, RejectionCode. (SIR 2628)
  • Adding a Title to a fixed Model now creates a record with a Price Type of Fixed. (SIR 2626)
  • Passwords can be modified on the User Options form. (SIR 2700)
  • Administrators now have the ability to force users to enter certain data on the Quote Notes tab. This ability is found under Preferences -> General -> Required Fields. (SIR 2618)
  • Attributes are now associated with Quoted Items. If you delete the only item on a quote that uses that attribute, the attribute will be removed as well. (SIR 2629)
  • Models can now be added to Suggested Items. (SIR 2613)
  • Parts now have an additional Quote Notes field. User now have the ability to select which text to export to FACS using Quote Notes (Full Description, Short Description, Quote Description). (SIR 2625)
  • Quotes now maintain Shipping and Billing Customer info. (SIR 2246)
  • TEQuote can now import a Quote from a CSV file (using a specific format). This option is found under File -> Import/Export -> Import Quotes -> Text File. (SIR 2757)
  • Users now have the ability to Print Quotes to CSV and XLS format. This works similar to printing PDF and Word documents. (SIR 2757)
  • User can now install Update Packages with the option of adding only new data, updating only existing data, or both. (SIR 2653,2691)
  • You now have the ability to add Unkonwn Parts to the Parts section of Quoted Items.

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