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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 6.0

  • Quoted and Suggested Items have been merged together. Suggested Items now have the same Quote Document options as Quote Items (but can still be selected seperately). (SIR: 1332, 1360, 754, 2940, 2585, 2762, 2969, 2975, 2982, 3006, 3125, 3128, 3255)
  • Pricing has been expanded to a matrix, allowing users to price Parts, Labor, and Freight by Category, Sub-Category, Manufacturer, or Part Number. (SIR: 2678, 2819, 2992, 3089, 3000, 3123, 3126, 298, 2627).
  • The Quote Status information has been moved to its own tab on the main Quote screen. (SIR: 1252)
  • When adding a template option, leaving the Category, Sub-Category, and Manufacturer blank means you are selecting all. You now have the option of selecting "blank". (SIR: 1280)
  • You now have the ability to add additional notes to Quotes, Customers, Parts, and Models. You can choose which note is to be used when Exporting a Quote. (SIR: 1477)
  • You can now delete multiple Items and Attributes from a Quote. (SIR: 2086, 2997)
  • More detailed information has been added to the Help file. (SIR: 1199, 3108)
  • Sequences have been added to Parts Labor. A user will pick one Sequence when adding a Part to a Quote. (SIR: 509)
  • Updating the Description or Extra Description is now optional when importing Parts from FACS. (SIR: 2305, 2461, 2908, 3216)
  • Importing Parts from a Text file is now available when FACS is your Back Office Accounting System. (SIR: 2460)
  • There has been an issue with the Revision column in the Quotes view. The column will still show sometimes when not selected. Also there is trouble sorting by that column as well. These issues have been corrected. (SIR: 2498, 2817)
  • The Word Document generation process has been modified to update Ref fields by TEQuote. (SIR: 2552)
  • Inactive Customers and Contacts can now be reported on. (SIR: 2574)
  • Parts Text can now be viewed from the Quote (as well as the Part) in Reports. (SIR: 2575)
  • You can no longer delete a Branch when there are TEQutoe Users that are set to that branch as their default. (SIR: 2593)
  • Original Quote Date can been now be reported on. (SIR: 2632)
  • Group Code has been added as a bookmark and in Reporting. (SIR: 2637, 2694)
  • Views have been modified so that you can easily change column ordering and sort by any column. (SIR: 2705)
  • A permission setting has been added to disallow changing Model Pricing (used to be included in the Price Type permission). (SIR: 2709, 2761)
  • The Labor Description field has been widened on the Parts Labor grid. (SIR: 2716)
  • Models can now be set to inactive to prevent users from using it on future Qutoes. (SIR: 2734)
  • Sales Reps. have been merged into Users so that you can maintain Contact Information (Address, etc.) about that Sales Rep. Bookmarks have been added so that this information can be printed to a Quote Document. (SIR: 2735, 2770, 2922, 3132)
  • Users can now scroll through drop down lists using the mouse scroll wheel. (SIR: 2747)
  • If you delete your custom fields from the Preferences>Custom Fields the calculated values still remain on the parts. This has been corrected. (SIR: 2763)
  • TEQuote now maintains the last time Vendor Service and Vehicle Updates were made to a database. (SIR: 2777)
  • Inactive Contacts can no longer be selected for a Quote. (SIR: 2802)
  • The Quote Items screen will keep any Parts, Totals, Titles, etc. in view that are added to a Quote. (SIR: 2806, 2905)
  • The Kit flag has been added to the Parts reports. (SIR: 2811)
  • The Finder has been enhanced so that you can search Quotes, Customers, Parts, Models, etc. using additional logic: Contains, Starts With, Ends With, Between, Do No Contain, etc. They also have to ability to sort by any field in the window. (SIR: 2815, 2933, 2996, 3001, 3116)
  • Inactive Customers should not show in drop-down list to select customer for quote. Currently they show but you get an error that says they are inactive when you try to change other settings. We should either have them not show or add a preference setting to be able to hide them. (SIR: 2820)
  • A Permission setting has been added so that a Closed Quote can not be changed. (SIR: 2821)
  • The Customer Primary Contact drop down will automatically be modified as Contacts are modified in the Customers module. (SIR: 2906)
  • Dealer Code has been added to the Customer View/Reports. (SIR: 2917)
  • When choosing a Vehicle to add to a Quote, the vehicles that are marked as End of Life sorted so that they will appear at the bottom of the list. (SIR: 2938)
  • Users can now scroll through a note, even if they are not allowed to see it. This was a problem in past versions. (SIR: 2979)
  • In Models, when the Congifure option is selected, the top sequence in the list to congfigure is highlighted so it can easily be moved with one click. (SIR: 2993)
  • A rule has been added so that a pop box opens with a certain reminder or other pertinent information when a customer is selected for a Quote. (SIR: 2994)
  • When you create a revision of an existing quote, TEQuote will also change the sequence of your next quote number even though you didn't create a new quote number. The result is that it skips quote numbers. This issue has been corrected. (SIR: 3016)
  • You now have the option of making each Modules toolbar bigger (similar to the Main toolbar). (SIR: 3059)
  • Several functions in the Tools program (Install Update, Import, Create Blank, Delete, Modification Utility) create a "value of 0 is not valid for SelectedIndex" error when there are no databases in the list. This issue has been corrected. (SIR: 3064)
  • Users can now print Quote Documents from multiple DOT files at one time. (SIR: 3082, 3206)
  • The Tools program now has the ability to rename a Model (similar to re-numbering a Part). (SIR: 3085)
  • The ability to track stages have been added to Quotes. (SIR: 3087, 3094, 3267)
  • Quoted Items are now tiered so that you can expand/collapse Models and Kits. (SIR: 3104)
  • The Quote Wizard has been re-designed to a Quote Guide to that users can become familiar with the Quote screen more quickly. (SIR: 3105)
  • Changing the Customer on the a Quote will be accomplished using the Finder window. (SIR: 2968, 3106)
  • Part Categories, Product Types, and Attributes now have their own Module in Preferences. (SIR: 3107)
  • Users can now send Reports to Report Router. (SIR: 3109)
  • Reports and View now show more friendly field names. (SIR: 3110)
  • Users can now create Private Reports (all existing reports will be considered Public). (SIR: 3111)
  • The selection criteria of a report has been expanded so that they can use: Starts With, Ends With, Between, Greater Than, Less Than, etc. There is also intelligence built in that will identify the type of each field: text, date, number, yes/no, etc. (SIR: 3112)
  • A description has been added Templates and Template Options to show Application Information. (SIR: 3113, 3114)
  • Showing a SQL Query in the Finder window is now optional. (SIR: 3115)
  • The Tools program has eliminated the redunancy of logging into a SQL Server. It will also show applicable databases. For example, when you select the Delete Database option you will see all databases, but when you select the Create Update Package option you will only see databases on the current version. (SIR: 3117)
  • TEQuote's Login has been modified so that Server and Database are now separate drop downs. The server drop down will only show servers that have been linked to and the database drop down will only show database on the current version. Branch can be changed at anytime once you are logged in at the bottom of the main screen. (SIR: 3118)
  • All textboxes now have automatic spell checking. (SIR: 3121)
  • The Finder window can be exported to various formats: Excel, CSV, PDF, etc. (SIR: 3122)
  • Closed Date can now be used when archiving/deleting Quotes. (SIR: 3140)
  • When installing an update package while specifying parts data, data not selected will still be overwritten. Example: I installed a parts update with only G/L cost selected. After the install, other fields had been overwritten. Specifically the labor costs which already had values before the update had been zeroed out. This has been corrected. (SIR: 3146)
  • The TBDtext bookmark does not work when Unit Price is not printed on the document. This has been corrected. (SIR: 3157)
  • Quote User defined fields have been enhanced so that each field can be text, list, or both. The fields have also been widened on the screen. (SIR: 3177)
  • Users can now decide how to name the file when a Quote Document is generated (using any Quote bookmark). (SIR: 3179)
  • Custom Fields have been added to the Parts Finder. (SIR: 3224)
  • If any roll up pricing is selected before adding a model, it will change to detail all parts once a model is added. This issue has been corrected. (SIR: 3229)
  • When closing an archived quote while a regular quote is open TEQuote crashes with the following error: Runtime error ‘91’: Object variable or With block variable not set. This issue has been corrected. (SIR: 3253)
  • Invalid use of null error thrown if a model title line description field is blank. If an entry is made in the desciption field on the model module the error ceases. This error has been corrected. (SIR: 3271)
  • RAM has been added to the Vehicle Updates. (SIR: 3285)
  • When rolling up part costs sometimes the costs will not roll up to sequence 0. This issue has been corrected. (SIR: 3289)
  • On a quote if you change the current customer to Cash Account (99) it does not update the Customer Information correctly. This issue has been corrected. (SIR: 2606)
  • When copying a Part, you can now choose to copy the Templates and Attributes at the same time. (SIR: 2748)
  • Last Activity Date has been added to Parts reports. (SIR: 2998)
  • The option to export Bid records has been added. (SIR: 3078)
  • The General and Misc Codes sections of the Preferences module has been broken up into its applicable sections: Quotes, Models, Parts, Customers
  • The TEQuote Update program has been added to the Tools program.
  • Vendor Service and Vehicle Updates have been added to the Tools program. Users will only be required to download a CAB file to run the update.
  • A Group permission has been added that will alert users when new TEQuote Updates are available. The popup will occur when the user logs in. (SIR: 3119)
  • Microsoft Word no longer needs to be installed to create Word and PDF documents. It will still need to be installed if users wish to view Word documents. For this reason all Template files must be in the DOT format (as opposed to DOTX format). Additionally, Quoted and Suggested Items will duplicate and data in the initial table struture. You will need to delete BLANK bookmarks contained in those tables and re-create YESNO bookmarks as just regular text.
  • Bookmarks have been added for Charges: Charge1, ChargeDesc1, ChargeQty1, ChargeAmount1 (SIR: 305)
  • When a Quote has already been exported to FACS, the user should not be asked how it wants to create the Job Order. It should automatically use the existing number. This issue has been corrected. (SIR: 3301)
  • When copying or revising a quote and selecting the option to not update the pricing, the selected currency option is lost. This issue has been corrected. (SIR: 2638)
  • Unit of Measure (UOM) can now only be entered in uppercase. (SIR: 2990)
  • Added the ability to do a Part Attribute to multiple parts at a time. (SIR: 1290)
  • You can now change the number of decimals for the standard "Cost" and "Manual" Price Types. (SIR: 3316)
  • Quote Line Item has been added to the FACS Export File. (SIR: 3292)

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