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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 6.10

New Items

  • Added a Quote Rule that warns Users that Unknown Parts exist on the Quote before it is exported.
  • An option has been added to allow Users to Close Quotes before attempting to Archive Quotes.
  • Users see only 100 records at a time when looking at a View. This number is increased by a hundred every time that click a button. Users can now specify the number of records to view.
  • An option has been added to the TEQuote Tools - Update Package utility that allows Users to migrate Attribute Values.
  • Added an option to printing Quotes that will eliminate all extra lines in a Quote Document. A default for this option has been added in Preferences - Quotes.
  • Added the ability to hide Labor Cost in a Fixed Model.
  • Added the ability to hide Freight Cost in a Fixed Model.
  • Added an option when copying Part Templates that allows you to merge existing sequences. Previously the process will completely replace an existing sequence.
  • Added the ability to close all revisions of a Quote when one of the revisions is Closed.
  • Added the ability to sort Customer Price Type options in the Pricing module.
  • Views will now show the total number of records that can be viewed.
  • Added the ability to move Additional or Unknown Parts into other Models.
  • Added a report type of "Logs" under a new tab of "Misc.". The report type allows you to show data on database logs.
  • Added the ability to change the theme of TEQuote for each User. Each theme has different styles and color schemes.
  • Added ability to export a Quote to multiple FACS Jobs. A last Job Order Number is stored in Preferences-Quotes that will choose the Job Order Number to be used.
  • Added ability to find a Contact in the Customers module.
  • Added a field to the Parts module that will track the Last Price Update for each Part.
  • Added ability to delete multiple Part Templates.
  • Added ability to copy Selling Customer information to Billing and Shipping info on a Quote.

Fixed Items

  • Saving a Report with a Selection Criteria field of type boolean (meaning Yes/No) would not commit the value of the field.
  • When a copying a Quote, the Attribute Value references are lost. All the attributes would then be lost if an item was deleted off the Quote. This issue only occurs when the "Remove Unreferenced Attributes on Quote" setting is checked.
  • Filtering a View by a Column that had a question mark in the name caused an error. Questions marks are no longer allowed in View Columns.
  • An issue with Importing Parts from a text file has been resolved. The process was not properly setting the G/L Cost field.
  • The Delete Quotes utility was not successfully deleting Quotes.
  • Fixed sorting issue with syncing Quote Items and Model/Part Template Options.
  • There was an issue with setting a Part to no longer be a Kit. Sequences that were set as Kit Components were still set that way after unchecking the Kit box.
  • Sales Tax Totals were not always computing correctly when Quoted Pricing was set to a Roll Up option.
  • Kit prices (P1-P5) were sometimes not properly allocating amongst its Components when one of the Components had a Quantity other than zero.
  • Adding a charge (or variable charge) to a Quote caused the Labor totals to not compute correctly.
  • The option to Update Labor Costs when changing the Branch of a Quote was updating the Standard Hours as well when it should only update the Costs.
  • Exported FACS LBR records were not accounting for the Quantity on a Part.
  • Adding Additional Parts to a Quote would not allow you to specify a fractional quantity of less than zero.
  • Exported Factory Installed Options were not rolled up correctly when the Quantity on the base Part was greater than one.
  • Users were unable to save an existing Product Type when the name had trailing empty spaces.
  • Part Weight was doubled when on Kit Parents when "Roll Up Kits Only" was selected.


  • When changing a Part Price Type on a Quote, the User is presented with a list of available price types. This list was previously being sorted by name but is now sorted by sequence number.
  • Changed the Quote Items tab so that you can drill into an Item when the "Quote Items" or "Suggested Items" boxes are not checked.
  • Inactive Customer Contacts will not be allowed to be selected on a Quote.
  • You are now allowed to change the Suggestion of a Quoted Item regardless of Quoted or Suggested Pricing.
  • Quotes will now save Pricing formulas, Custom Field formulas and Sales Tax information at the time that the Quote was created. The Quote will always use these formulas and codes until the Update function is run. This will also be an option when copying or revising a Quote. There is an option in the main menu that will show these formulas and codes.
  • The Quote Document Defaults have been moved to it's own tab in Preferences - Quotes.
  • Users are now allowed to change the Rollup of an Archived Quote. (If they have permission to do so)
  • Titles that are added to the Quote from the Model selection screen will be based off of the first Part selected in the Sequence. Selecting a Quoted Part will create a Quoted Title. Selecting a Suggested Part will create a Suggested Title.
  • Modified sending Quote Docs to Report Router so that and emailed document will have a Subject line of the Filename (not including the full path).
  • The program now allows you to turn on both "Export Labor Separately" and "Use Production Hours". When doing so, the Labor records will now reflect the Bid amount and the Detail records will reflect the Actual amount.
  • Rounding on parts priced at 0 will no longer occur when changing the price on a Quote Title.
  • The ability to override the price of Kit Components is now an option.
  • Modified Quote printing to account for DOT file bookmarks that round to the nearest dollar.

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