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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 6.12

New Items

  • Users can now add notes in response to adding Labor to a Quote. These responses can be pre-defined or added manually. Each note has a Note Type which maintained in Preferences - Quotes. These Notes Types can be setup on each Labor Type as well as Labor specific to a Part. (SIR: 3571, 3572)
  • Fixed Models can now be setup so that the User chooses if they want to use Fixed Pricing at the time of Quoting
  • The First Sequence in a Fixed Model can now be used to dictate the Price of the Model.
  • Quote Export email alerts can now go to a specified address instead of the Customer Bill-To address. (SIR: 3539)
  • Added a Markup column to the CSV file that can be generated from a Quote.
  • Part Notes can now be added to the Quote when the Part is added.
  • A setting has been added in Preferences - Quotes to determine whether or not the program should check if Priced Items are left off the Quote Document. This setting is set by default. (SIR: 3580)
  • Status Date in the Part Master will now be updated when a User manually changes the Status field.

Fixed Items

  • The Description is now shown when selecting a Vehicle for a Quote. This had been lost in version 6.0 (SIR: 3555)


  • Production Hours are now updated when Update-ing a Quote. (SIR: 3568)
  • Quote Documents that are only viewed will now be saved to the users's Temporary directory instead of their Roaming directory.
  • The Customer Name that is sent to FACS will now come from the Ship-To name instead of the Sold-To name.

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