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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 6.17

New Items

  • Added a Rejection Note to Quotes so that users can enter more information as to why a Quote was rejected.
  • Allow Rejection Notes to be required when a Quote has been closed as "Rejected". (You can choose which codes this will be applied to.)
  • Added a Labor - Short Description field.
  • Added a Quote rule that will prepend all LBR records with the Labor Short Description when Exporting to FACS.
  • Added an Update Labor Descriptions box to the Copy Quote dialog.
  • Added defaults for all Copy, Revise, and Update Quote options.
  • Added the Entered By field to the Quote Export.
  • Modify Labor Notes on a Quote to not popup until Export (it is currently occurring as the parts are Addeded to the Quote).
  • Added a bookmark for Part Labor Notes.
  • Added field to Part reports to show which parts have images.
  • Added Part Component Description fields to "Part Kit" reports.
  • Move items on a Quote from one Model to another.
  • Added a rule that prevents users from exporting a Quote with non-active parts.

Fixed Items

  • Fixed issue with having the Sales Rep., Price Type, and Tax Code automatically change on the Quote

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