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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 6.5

  • Added a new user-defined field to the Customer History tab. The text for this field can be set in Prefernces - Customer (Other tab).
  • The Suggested field on Quote Line Items now reflects the quantity you are suggesting, not the quantity you are suggesting they go to.
  • Added ability to delete multiple Attributes from a Part.
  • Fixed issue with copying multiple Quotes at once. Costs and Prices were being updated on the last created Quote but not the others.
  • Added ability to copy Views.
  • A Quote Rule has been added that allows you to check if User-Defined fields have been entered before exporting a Quote.
  • All Quote Note Types will now be exported to FACS. (SIR:3390) Note: You must be on the latest version of JOSTEQ/IMSTEQ.
  • Added a setting in Preferences - Quotes (Other tab) that, when set, will override the Bid Total on a Job Order with the Quote Total from TEQuote when the Quote is exported to FACS. Note: You must be on the latest version of JOSTEQ.
  • Customer End User information on a Quote will now be exported to FACS. Note: You must be on the latest version of JOSTEQ/IMSTEQ.
  • A Group Permission has been added called "Only Allow Modification on Quotes Assigned to User" that will restrict users to only edit Quotes created by themselves or that they are assigned to (if they are a Sales Rep).
  • A new Group Permission called "Allow Notes to be Modified on Closed Quotes" has been added that allows users to still modify Notes when the "Modify Closed Quotes" box is checked.
  • Users can now drill into the Description and Detail of a Quoted Item when the Quote is closed and the "Modify Closed Quotes" permission is not set.
  • Added a section to Preferences - Quotes called Part Notes. This contains a list of available Note Types that can be added to a Part on a Quote. Quote Part Notes Types and Part Note Types must be unique amongst each other. Also Quote Part Note Types and Quote Note Types must be unique amongst each other.
  • Added a tab to the Parts module called Quote Notes. This contains a list of any Quote Part Note Types associated with that Part. It will list a Note Type, Question, and whether or not the Note Type is Optional.
  • Added a table to the Quotes - Edit Part screen that allows users to view/add/edit Quote Part Notes Types. Bookmarks QPNote1/QPNote2 have been added to print these notes.
  • Added a rule to Preferences - Quotes - Rules that will prompt the user to enter Part Quote Note Types when they Export a Quote. Once answered it will be added with that Part on the Quote. The prompts will be determined by the information added to the Quote Notes section in the Parts module.
  • The accumulation of all Quote Part Notes will be added as one HDRTXT type record (for each Note Type) when the Quote is exported to FACS. Each note will be prepended with its Part Number and Quantity.
  • Added a preference setting that allows users to open a Report document after it has been exported. Users will be given a choice to always open, never open, or asked if they want to open the document. This preference can be set for all users and can be overriden for each user.
  • The Labor tab in the Quotes module now excludes Suggested Items.
  • Changing the Customer on a Quote will cause the default Sales Tax of the Quote to change to that of the Customer. However, this would not apply to all existing Items on the Quote. A change has been made so that it now does.
  • Various changes have been made to printing CSV Quote Documents.
  • The Sales Rep and Price Type drop-down lists on the Quote screen have been changed to text boxes (with corresponding buttons that let you change the values). This was done to help load the Quotes module more quickly.
  • The ability to re-add Kit Components to a Quote on an Update, Copy, or Revision has been added.
  • Re-implemented the ability to set Pricing on Suggested Items. This functionality had been removed in version 6.0. Because of this addition, the Always Rollup Suggested Kits feature has been removed from Prefernces - Quotes (Other tab). The default setting for this feature has been added to Preferences - Quotes (Other tab).
  • The 1st Phase setting was moved from Preferences - Custom Fields to Preferences - Quotes (Export tab).
  • The Model Pricing default setting was moved from Preferences - Custom Fields to Preferences - Quotes (Other tab).
  • The Quote SQL Call was moved from the Other tab in Preferences - Quotes to its own tab.
  • Corrected an issue with finding records in the Customer, Parts, Models, and Quotes modules. The issue would sometimes occur when the Finder window was not sorted by the Primary ID.
  • Added setting that allows you to choose to respect Attributes when quoting Suggested Items. This setting is located in Preferences - Quotes (Other tab). When turned on, Attributes will be added to the Quote when a Suggested Item is chosen (just like a Quoted Item). This setting will be on by default.
  • Corrected an issue where displaying available parts in the Part - Templates and Model - Templates modules were not respecting Attributes.
  • The Rolled Up Items option in the Quote Printing menu has been renamed to Assembly Components because the term was not meant to refer to all rolled up items.
  • If a Quote was loaded and the Discount Coding program was enabled, the Quote would re-calculate the Discount amount. This should only happen when the Quote is altered. This issue has been corrected.
  • The Export process currently creates 3 DTL line items for each Labor Type in the Quote when Production Hours is turned on. One of these line items shows the quantity of the Labor while another shows a the same quantity but as a negative value. To respect a change made in JOSTEQ (where two line items on a Job Order cannot have the same Part Number and Phase Number), the negative quantity line item's phase number will now be incremented by one.
  • The Edit Part dialog will now appear after adding an Unknown Part to a Quote so that users can immediately go in and make changes to that Part.
  • Most dialog windows that have multi-line description fields have been modified so that the window can be expanded.
  • Setup basic Audit tracking (Login info, Delete All Items on Quote, Delete Quotes, etc.)

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