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TEQuote Release Notes

TEQuote 6.6

  • A new field has been added to the Parts module that indicates whether or not a Part is a Kit. Prior to version 6.6, a part was flagged as a Kit when one of the Sequences in the Templates tab was flagged as a Kit. This field in the Sequence has been changed to Component, which indicates whether or not the Option would be added as Kit Component.
  • A new field has been added to the Parts module called "Override Costs and Labor on Components". This field will only be visible when a Part is flagged as a Kit. When this field is checked, all GC, Frieght, and Custom Fields will be set to zero on any Components added to the Kit. Additionally no Labor will be added from the Components. Labor can then be added to the Kit Parent itself. Then when added to the Quote the Labor from the Parent will be added Component with the highest G/L Cost.
  • Added the Extra Description to the Description when selecting a Template Option (when a Model or Part Template is being chosen).
  • Added Quote Note information to the Update Package functionality in the Tools program.
  • Spokane Computer supplies update packages for TEQuote to get the latest Vendor Service data. A corresponding CSV file is now created that can be used to update Part informtaion in FACS.
  • Added a field to the "Quote Detail Items" report type called "Suggested" to determine which items are flagged as suggested items.
  • Fixed an issue with adding parts to a Kit on a Quote. This option was avaible in previous versions and was not being allowed in the current version.
  • Assembly Components are no longer represented on the Quote Items grid with an up arrow. They will be indicated with no text or image. This was done to resolve an issue where the up arrow would randomly show up throughout the grid when the grid was resized or scrolled through.
  • Added the ability to copy a Sequence in a Model to another Model.
  • Added Custom Field Mapping buttons to Custom Field and Price Type formulas.
  • Added a Required field to the list of Attributes within Product Types. When checked these Attributes will be prompted to the user when a Product Type is selected on the "Add Model to Quote" screen, and will require that the user enter a value.
  • Fixed an issue with adding Kit Components to a Quote. The Components were sometimes not being adding with the same Sequence Number as the Parent.
  • Additional event logging has been added to the Customers, Parts, and Models modules.
  • Improved speed of Quote archiving.

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