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Treqso Website Release Notes

Treqso Website 1.2.0

New Items

  • The SalesOrderParameterMaint page was changed to add support for the "Assign Different InvoiceID" setting.
  • Added Receivables Sales Tax Detail Report.
  • Added an exceptions report for import from external text file pages.

Fixed Items

  • Closing a Sales Order was sometimes setting the Receivable Transaction's Transaction Description field to a length greater than maximum field length of 60; which caused an error.
  • In TimeCardUpdate, a problem was fixed where the LaborTimeClock record was getting the LaborTimeCardRecordID updated even if the LaborTimeCard record was not successfully added. Also, a problem was fixed where LaborTimeCard records were getting added with the Hours Worked truncated to a whole number. LaborTimeCard records will now correctly get added with any fractional hours. Finally, the update process was changed to only process employees that have LaborTimeClock records in the selectivity ranges. Previously, it was processing ALL employees.
  • The BankDepositReport was fixed so the Company Name will now display on the page heading.


  • In LaborStandardvsActual page, set focus to Bill Code on initial page load and insure Bill Code value is uppercase before processing. Also, the "Distribute" popup window now displays the Bill Code and Bill Code Description fields so the user can see what bill code the report is for. Finally, the report now shows the Bill Code Description after the Bill Code.
  • In TimeCardUpdate page, the Progress Box progress messages are now plain text and therefore can be selected/copied. Also, the page now insures the Bill Code value is uppercase.

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