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Treqso Website Release Notes

Treqso Website 1.3.0

New Items


  • In "Post Inventory Transactions", you can now enter a Batch Number so inventory transactions can be posted by batch number. - Release Date: 6/22/2017
  • In "Post Inventory Transactions", status messages were added for each G/L Transaction posted. - Release Date: 6/22/2017
  • Labor

  • The Labor Time Clock Maintenance page was not defaulting to the correct date when adding a new Time Clock Entry for that date.

Fixed Items

  • The detail headers in generic reports would disappear if there was a space in the heading and was too wide to fit in the cell. - Release Date: 6/22/2017
  • Accounting

  • GL Transaction Maintenance fixed a problem where trying to filter by Batch Number was causing an error.
  • Labor

  • Labor was not being added to a Sales Order with an 'Open' status, which prevented labor from being reduced and therefore prevented labor from being posted to WIP.
  • Part

  • The Part Warehouse History data was not being updated correctly at the end of an Inventory Month-End Close.
  • Payables

  • In Payables Transaction Maintenance, when trying to add a new Invoice for a Supplier, show an error if the Invoice ID already exists for that Supplier ID.
  • In Reverse Payables Payments, a problem was fixed where reversing GL Transactions were not correctly created.
  • Purchase Order

  • In Purchase Order Detail Maintenance, several display problems were fixed. Also, a problem was fixed where changing the UOM would sometimes cause an unhandled error.
  • Quote

  • Quote Type was not allowed to be changed on an existing Quote.
  • Receivables

  • In Receivable Payments, the calculation of "Total Unapplied Balance" was not correct.
  • Receivables Payments must now be unique by Customer ID, Payment Reference Number, and Payment Date.
  • In Receivables Payments Maintenance, the "Payments Applied To" grid should only show Receivables Transactions payment records with the same date as the Payment Date.
  • In Receivables Payment Maintenance, the "Open Invoices" grid was showing closed invoices.
  • The Payment Detail Maintenance screen was not displaying the Bill-to Customer Name. Also, the Transaction Status text box had an incorrect background color for Open payments.
  • In Receivables Invoice Transaction Maintenance, when trying to add a new Invoice for a Bill-To Customer, show an error if the Invoice ID already exists for that Bill-To Customer ID.
  • Receivables Payment Maintenance now supports adding a customer payment for a Sales Order (i.e. for PaymentType="S").
  • Sales Order

  • Unknown Parts could not be Closed on a Sales Order. They also would not be un-reduced in Batch Processing.
  • Supplier

  • The Import Supplier page was not properly setting the Payments, Purchases, and Ship-From address to the Default Address.



  • Account Group drop-down lists have been changed to include the description of the group.
  • GL Transaction Maintenance was changed to not allow you to close the form if the current transaction is out of balance.
  • Customer

  • State/Province is required when entering any kind of address for a Customer.
  • Payables

  • The Payables ~ Finalize Payments page was modified to create a single GL Transaction record for the credit to the payment account number if there is no need to distribute posting to branch/profit center/cost center.
  • Payables ~ Finalize Payments changed how GL Transactions were posted to avoid problems should the payment postings ever need to be reversed via the Reverse Payments page.
  • Payables ~ Reverse Payments had several changes to insure the correct GL Transation record gets reversed for each payables payment being reversed.
  • Receivables

  • In the Bank Deposit Update report, changed the 'Undeposited Payments Only' option to 'Deposited Option' and included options to show 'Deposited Payments Only' or 'Both'.
  • In Receivables Payment Maintenance, the records in the "Payment Applied To" grid are now sorted by Invoice ID and Line Number.
  • In Receivables Credit Manager Inquiry, a checkbox option was added to show zero balance invoices. By default, zero balance invoices will no longer be shown.
  • Sales Order

  • Modified Sales Order Entry and Sales Order Maintenance to allow a user to leave a Sales Order that is not Open and requires a Payment.

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