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FACS Software - General Ledger

  • 13 accounting periods per year.
  • Can keep up to 26 open periods.
  • Can maintain up to 5 years of financial history on line for financial comparisons.
  • Automatic conversion of calendar to fiscal year.

  • Budgets maintained by month, year or both.
  • Budgets maintained for amounts, hours, or quantities.
  • Tiered account number structure:
    • Account
    • Branch
    • Profit Center (department)
    • Cost Center
    • Subsidiary Accounts
  • Distribution using branch, profit and cost centers, and subsidiaries selected by account.
  • Ability to change the descriptions of supporting systems, i.e. "Branch" could be called "Office".
  • Unlimited textual description for subsidiary accounts.
  • Ability to copy supplier and customer information from other modules into subsidiary system.
  • Easy to set up beginning year or mid year balances.
  • New accounts and balance transfers easily accomplished.

General Ledger Reporting:
  • Flexible transaction ledger by account or any combination of branch, profit center, cost center, or subsidiary numbers.
  • Ability to summarize detail on ledger for specified accounts.
  • Ability to create monthly, quarterly, mid-year or fiscal year-to-date ledgers. /li>
  • Monthly transactions reports can be in summary or detail.
  • Unlimited user-definable transaction proof reports
  • Can re-produce any transaction, ledger, or financial report over last 5 years.
  • Two user-definable fields available for each transaction.
  • Accounting manager can restrict entry/edit to specific periods.
  • Transaction detail by month can come from other modules or can be entered directly.
  • User definable transaction maintenance routines eliminates unnecessary entry.
  • "Find" feature allows you to easily locate a general ledger account.
  • Transactions originating from other modules can not be tampered with; thereby reducing reconciliation problems.
  • Ability to do single sided entry with automatic balancing entry.
  • Protection against out of balance condition during entry or edit.
  • Account, branch, profit center, and cost center validated immediately upon input.
  • Level of validation can be selected for each general ledger account.
  • "View" feature shows complete distribution of transaction.
  • "Preliminary" year end closing feature allows you to continue into new fiscal year while waiting on closing adjustments.
  • Automatic closing feature creates actual closing transactions for review.

Other Features:
  • Optional "Ten-key" style entry recognizes implicit decimal point.
  • Easy set up and maintenance of recurring transactions.
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • Automatic reversing accruals.
  • Multi-company consolidation.
  • Flexible allocation of transaction postings to branch, profit center, or cost center.
  • On line account balance inquiry shows summary or detail balances for any month and year over last 5 years.
  • Balance-to-Date system maintains transaction detail indefinitely for selected accounts.

Financial Reporting:
  • All financial reports have user definable row and column formats.
  • Row and column formats can be mixed and matched for flexible reporting.
  • Sensitive financial statements can be password protected.
  • Unlimited number of different financial reports including:
    • Inter-company working papers
    • Presentation balance sheet and income statements
    • Budget analysis and projections
    • Financial Ratios
    • Departmental comparisons
    • Past year comparisons
    • Statement of changes in working capital

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