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FACS Software - Accounts Receivable

Customer Features:
  • Locate customer by name, number, or city.
  • Open item or balance forward basis can be selected by customer.
  • Service charges can be applied selectively by customer.
  • When to begin computing service charge can be selected by customer.
  • Automatic "bill to" customer assignment.
  • Multiple shipping addresses per customer.
  • Can force "Purchase Order Required" for selected customers.
  • Can set up default tax codes, sales representatives, and customer category for each customer.
  • Enter unlimited free form textual information for a customer.
  • Maintain multiple types of text (user defined), such as additional profile information, contact history, or collection notes.
  • Protection against deletion of customer with outstanding balance.
  • Automatic credit checking using limits and customer terms.
  • Country code is part of customer's address.

Transactions Processing:
  • Invoice, credit memo, adjustment, and cash receipt entry screens are user definable.
  • Maintains running invoice and check totals.
  • Direct interface from inventory order processing accepts sales order and job order invoices and payments.
  • Cash receipts application by invoice with on-line inquiry of outstanding invoice amounts.
  • Customer status inquiry available in detail or summary format.
  • Invoices can defer aging and/or service changes until a future date
  • Cash deposits are supported.
  • Can enter invoices and payments into future periods.
  • Protects against invoice duplication.
  • Recurring billings can be easily maintained.
  • Posting to general ledger can be either in summary or detail.
  • Posting to general ledger can be done daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Automatically maintains customer charge and payment history over last 12 months.
  • Maintains last charge, last payment, high balance, total invoices, and average days to pay.
  • User definable invoice and statement formats.
  • Optional, user defined messages may be printed on statements.
  • Statements can be printed in order of branch, customer name, or customer number
  • Statements can be printed for a selected customer or range of customers.
  • Suppression of zero balance statements and statements less than a specified amount.
  • Statements can be printed in detail or summary selectable by customer.

  • User definable report types can be saved for later use.
  • User definable customer labels.
  • Sales tax reporting.
  • Commission reports.
  • Trial balance reporting by branch, profit center, cost center, and sales representative.
  • General ledger posting reports.
  • Credit manager's report.
  • User definable daily aging reports available in detail or summary.
  • Sales analysis reports by: customer, product, sales rep., branch, profit center, or cost center for up to five years comparative.
  • Sales analysis includes user defined formats with columnar math to provide an infinite number of analytical reports.
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